Watching Trent Finish in Nome, On-line Tomorrow on Iditarod Website

March 21

Let's assume Trent leaves White Mountain right at the end of his 8 hour mandatory rest, at 1133PM this evening.  Teams have been making the trip from White Mountain to Safety to Nome in, generally between 9-1/2 hours and 11 hours.  That would put Trent in sometime between 9AM and 1030AM AKST tomorrow morning (March 22).   Pacific Time is one hour later, (between 10 AM and 1130 AM), Mountain Time is two hours later (between 11 AM and 1230 AM), etc.

There is a "live cam" at the finish line on the Iditarod website.   If you want to go there and stream the video and see Trent pull in to Nome, go to the URL below and watch the streaming video on the LiveCam.


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I'll be watching, waiting, and cheering as the team arrives.
Hi Tim, I work with Trent at the Community School. I want to thank you so much for writing this detailed and descriptive blog. My family and I have enjoyed every post and being able to follow Trent and the team along the trail. Thank you! Tricia
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