Trent must be lounging in Takotna eating steak...

He's been there almost 2 hours now after a 2 hour run!   Can't say I would blame him.   Also a good chance to socialize with mushers on their 24.

I was curious.   Only 10 of the remaining 80 teams still have all 16 dogs running.   All 16 on the team are still heading down the trail with Trent at the moment, getting their Iditarod stripes.   Great job.   

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Must be tough crossing watery rivers-no ice. Why not dry out and have a steak dinner. Jerry
Trent is chillaxin. I know it. He wants to roll in with max dogs n smiles.
Trent exemplifies the adage that's it's not about the destination-it's about the journey. Keep runnin' those pups, Trent!
This is wonderful news. Trent has all his ladies with him. Good going, Trent. And taking some time out to socialize. We are delighted. Don and I are following on the map and reading the posts. All our best. Gay
Way to go Trent! Taking good care of your dogs. Best wishes from Boise!
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