Trent is in and out of Ohpir.

March 11

Trent left the steak and cherry pie at Takotna at about 800P AKT last night after a nice 2 hour 40 minute stay.   The team then made the 23 mile run to Ophir in 2 hours 40 minutes at an average speed of 8.63 mph.   They arrived at 10:38P and checked out at 438A this morning.  The team left with all 16 dogs.   Trent is back on his "4 to 10" schedule.   I notice on the tracker that Trent is running this leg with Lance Mackey.     I bet they will travel the whole way to Cripple, 73 miles 12-14 hours including rest, together.   Look forward to the story.

Trent checked out of Ophir in 64th place out of 80 mushers still in the race.  There are about 25 mushers between Ophir and Cripple right now.   Cripple is going to be busy as they arrive there this evening.