Trent and the team out of McGrath and in to Takotna...

March 10

Trent checked out of McGrath at 1:50P AKT this afternoon after taking his mandatory 24 hour rest.   This is where Trent had planned pre-race to take his 24.   The team just arrived in Takotna at 4:15 AKT with all 16 dogs still working the harnesses.  They covered the 18 miles in 2 hours 25 minutes at an average speed of 7.45 mph.

Takotna has a legendary reputation among mushers for hospitality, and Trent will have been offered a steak when he checked in.   I bet he'll just have them give him a bag lunch and head for the next check point at Ophir immediately given he just finished his 24.  

The team is in 66th out of 80 teams still running, but that is a bit deceiving as Trent took his 24 and about 14 teams ahead of him have not completed their 24 yet.  He'll probably settle back in to 55th or so once everyone has equalized time by taking their 24.   Very promising that the full team is still out there.   23 miles to Ophir then 73 miles to Cripple.  Trent will likely stop and camp somewhere 20-30 miles after Ophir.   I think he'll take a short break on the way and stop close to 10 tonight to get back on his "4 to 10" run schedule.