Trent and the team are in and out of Ruby

March 13

Trent and the team hit the Yukon River and checked in to Ruby last night at about 815P AKT.  Trent declared his 8 hour mandatory rest on the Yukon and pulled the hook at about 530A AKT this morning.  All 16 dogs are still pulling, one of only 5 teams with all dogs still in the game.  The next town on the Yukon is Galena, 50 miles up river.  He should be there on this run and by mid-day today to rest at Galena in the warmth of the day.  Trent is running 65th out of 77 mushers still in the race.  

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We are horrified by the crash with the drunk driver hitting the contestants. How tragic. To lose a lead dog is unbelievable. To have such an intrusion on this beautiful race is unforgivable. We are so sad. Please accept our sympathy to all mushers and dogs. Our best to Trent and his 16 stalwart ladies. Gay and Don
Good see your terrific progress Trent with Blast and the girls
Thinking about you and pulling right along with your team. Be safe. Have fun!
It's hard to imagine what was going threw the mind of that guy. Substance abuse is a huge problem in many villages. We can't even imagine what it's like for Jeff King at this point. Just crazy. Tim
Keep up the great work, Trent! All the hard work in the Idaho mountains is paying off with your strong team of 16 still in the game!
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