Trent and the team are in and out of Galena

Trent and the team arrived in Galena just after noon and left again just before 730P AKT after a good rest in the warm part of the day.   Trent finally left one of the team behind, to fly back to Anchorage, and departed Galena with 15 dogs on the team.  Trent left Galena in 66th place of 77 teams still in the race.

Galena is 545 miles down the trail.   Next check point at Nulato is another 37 miles, and the last checkpoint on the Yukon at Kaltag is 47 miles past that.  From Kaltag it is a long 85 mile portage off the Yukon to the Bering Sea Coast at Unalakleet.  

The last 10 mushers from Galena to Nulato have been taking 7 hours for that leg, averaging just over 5 mph so it must be windy and slow moving along the Yukon right now.  Expect Trent to pull in to Nulato at 3-4A AKT and stop for a rest.