Checkpoints #8, #9 – Nulato, Kaltag

March 18

Yesterday Trent checked out of Koyukuk at 908AM on Tuesday 17th after a 7 hr 12 minute rest.  The next major stop would be 69 miles down the trail to Kaltag where the trail leaves the Yukon River and portages over inland hills to the coast of the Bering Sea at Unakaleet.   In between Koyukuk and Kaltag there is a checkpoint at Nulato on the Yukon.   Both towns are part of a string of old Athabascan fishing camps on the Yukon, and also became telegraph relays during the gold rush.  In 1925 Great Serum Run to Nome; George Noliner, Charlie Evans, and Tommy Patson carried the anti-toxin through Nulato to Kaltag. 

Trent checked in to Nulato at 1214PM after a 3 hr 6 minute run over the 22 miles, averaging 7.1 mph.  Trent and the team rested for 4 hours 57 minutes at Nulato before pulling the hook at 511PM and leaving for Kaltag.  Trent and the team travelled the 47 miles to Kaltag in 6 hours 1 minute at an average speed of 7.8 mph checking in to Kaltag at 1112PM on the 17th.   Trent still has 14 dogs in to Kaltag.   Gordon and Clog jumped off the team bus in Huslia and are back in Anchorage with Jake and Greg.