Checkpoints #7 to #9: Koyukuk, Nualto, Kaltag

Monday March 13 245 ADST 

Trent and team made a big run in the last 24 hours.  When we last left our bearded and canine friends they had stopped bout halfway from Huslia to Koyuku.   The passed through Koyukuk and Nualto this morning and afternoon and just pulled in to Kaltag at 237P AKST having run about 120 miles in the last 24 hours.   The team checked in to Kaltag with 12 dogs in 48th place

Kaltag is the last checkpoint on the Yukon and the trail now head overland, on an ancient portage to the Bering Sea town of Unalakleet.  

Ed Stielstra sent a few shots of Trent and the team from back at the Galena checkpoint.

Remember we talked a bit about the Great Serum Run of 1925.   Below again is the trail map, which is very close to the route for this years Iditarod.  Also below are the mushers that participated in the relay from the rail station in Nenana up through Kaltag.  Some of the most heroic parts of this journey are yet to come. 

Serum Run Trail

Serum Run Mushers up through Kaltag