Checkpoint #7 - Koyukuk

March 17

At 154AM Tuesday 17th, Trent checked in to Koyukuk.  Koyukuk is an old Athabascan fishing camp on the Yukon that became a trading post and telegraph station during the gold rush.  Today the village has a population of 101. 

Trent covered the 86 miles from Huslia to Koyukuk in 18 hours, 20 minutes.  It looked from the tracker analytics that Trent and the team made two, 6-hour 7+ mph runs with a 6 hour rest between.  Nice and steady.  I suspect the team will take a nice rest in Koyukuk before pulling the hook sometime mid-morning.  Tomorrow will be 69 miles to the village of Kaltag, the last checkpoint before leaving the Yukon River and portaging over to the coast town of Unalakleet. 

At Koyukuk, Trent and the puppy team are in 68th place of the 78 mushers that started the race.