Checkpoint #14 - White Mountain

March 21

Trent pulled in to the final checkpoint at White Mountain at 333 PM on Saturday after a 7 hour 13 minute, 6.37 mph run over the 46 miles from Elim.  Trent will take the mandatory 8 hour rest required in White Mountain and should be leaving for Nome at about 1133 PM this evening.  It should be a nice rest in the sun for the dog team this afternoon (sunset is 920 up here now) and a musher’s choice, through the middle of the night, run to Nome and the finish line. 

I was at the White Mountain checkpoint briefly earlier this week, on Tuesday.  When we arrived, eventual winner Dallas Seavey was the only team in, that is the winning team sleeping in the first dog shot.  I assume Dallas was sleeping in the checkpoint somewhere as well.  His dad Mitch Seavey came in off the trail second while we were there and finished second in the race, it's a family affair evidently.   Mitch won in 2013 and Dallas also won in 2012 and 2014.  Couple of village shots, and then I found Trent’s checkpoint bags, with some obvious personalization by his students.

In the 1925 Serum Run, Charlie Olson carried the anti-toxin for 25 miles from Golovin to Bluff, over a portion of the trail that is after Elim and past White Mountain.