Checkpoint #13: Trent and the team in to Elim

Thursday March 16 630A AKDT

Trent and the team just checked in to Elim (mile 856) at 618A, having left Koyuk at midnight.  They covered the 48 miles in 6 hrs 16 minutes for an average speed of 7.7 mph.   Trent checked in with all 11 dogs that left with him at Koyuk, hoping they all leave with him.  I know he wants them all to finish at this point.  

I suspect they will rest 6 hours or so and head out for the 46 mile journey to White Mountain sometime after noon.  White Mountain is the last real checkpoint before the final 77 miles to Nome.  All mushers must take a mandatory 8 hour rest in White Mountain.  Anything can happen on the Bering Sea coast, but generally it is thought that once you hit White Mountain you are a little over a half-day from crossing the finish line in Nome.  

All things going well and at the risk of jinxing him, Trent should be in Nome by noon tomorrow for St. Patty's day.   They don't need much for an excuse to celebrate in Nome during the Iditarod finish, and about guarantee it will be a lively day there tomorrow.  That would be a 10 day + finish and would rival his best race performances (archive below).   

Map of race trail below for reference.