Checkpoint #12 - Koyuk and a Successful Crossing of the Norton Sound

March 20

Trent pulled in to Koyuk at 919AM this afternoon after a 8 hr, 6.26 mph, 50 mile crossing over sea of the Norton Sound.  This leg of the 1925 Serum Run was made famous by Leonhard Seppala who chose to go over the Sea instead of along the coast to save time.  By the time Seppala took the serum outside of Shaktoolik there were 28 cases of diphtheria, and several deaths in Nome and things were getting more desperate by the hour.  Seppala’s bold move to even go, and to cross in blizzard conditions with winds over 60 mph and wind chill temperatures of -100F saved over a day of time in delivering the serum, and is considered the greatest feat in the history of dog sledding. 

Picture of Leonhard, a slightly better look at the map from Shaktoolik to Koyuk, a team crossing the Sound, and Balto the Serum Run sled dog who lives in memorial in Central Park New York City. 

Trent checked in to Koyuk with 12 dogs, and is currently running in 64th place out of the 78 teams that started the race.  


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My wife and I have really enjoyed reading this blog. Best of luck to Trent and his team! He's on the home stretch.
Thanks Jon, glad you enjoyed! They should be fine from here, but it is the coast. Tim
Yes! Thanks so much for posting. Trent's family in Wisconsin appreciates the thoughtful updates. You're almost there, Trent!
I have never checked my email as much as I have over this race. Tim, thank you so much for your great posts. It has been a real treat seeing Trent and his team's progress on this most amazing adventure. I can't wait to hear he and his pups have crossed the finish line.
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