Off to Nome!

Monday March 6, 510P AKST

At 1:10 AKST the team pulled the hook, romped down the starting chute through the crowds of Fairbanks and on to the Tanana River.  First checkpoint is 60 miles down the river at Nenana.  Trent has bib 67 this year and had 75 in 2015.  So he's in a similar start order this year.  In 2015 he stopped and camped in Nenana showing up at dusk.

Ayn and Scott led the team out.  Looks like on the tracker Trent is at mile 54, running strong at plan at an average speed of 8.5 mph.  Nenan is at mile 71 (add the 11 miles from Ceremonial Start) and Trent has about 17 miles, 2 hours to Nenana.  

Here are a few shots from live TV coverage of the Fairbanks Start.

Here is the shot of Trent on the tracker at the moment.  Highly recommend a Iditarod Insider GPS Tracker subscription to all you Iditarod and Trent fans out there.  You never know when you are going to wake up at 3 in the morning and wonder how he's doing?


Race is about to start!

Monday March 6

Expect Trent and the team to head out of the starting chute in Fairbanks a little after noon Alaska time (AKST) today.  The team is mainly veterans of the past two years rookie teams.  Eleven have raced in the Iditarod and ten have made it to Nome.  Reports are that the 3 feet of new snow along the Tanana River have been well broken by snowmobiles in the past day and conditions are good.

Picture below from the Iditarod Insider article at on the Ceremonial Start.  Trent is the first musher shown in the article.

Next picture was taken by our handler Carlleen Brehmer on the Ceremonial Start trail.   Trent has a fan who has a "I love you. Trent Herbst's Beard" poster each year she brings to the course.  

Make sure to update you Iditarod Insider to watch the GPS tracker for the race.

Safe journey and happy trails to Trent and the Team!


Off at the Ceremonial Start

Saturday March 4

Trent and the team took off from downtown Anchorage for the Ceremonial Strart this afternoon.  Blue bird, perfect day. There were "Fear the Beard" fans along the route, we hope to have some pictures to share.

Team trailer heads to Fairbanks Saturday night for the real start of race Monday.  Supposed to be 36 inches of new snow and cold conditions on the Tanana River for he first part of the race.

Here are a few at the starting gate.

One Time Call for Help

February 20, 2017

Here's to all of you that follow us and subscribe to the blog.  Many of you guys have helped out along the way with donations and we greatly appreciate it.  

If you feel so moved, visit the Sponsors page on the website at: 

We have a PayPal Donate button where you can use your PayPal account or a credit card to send any help for race expenses.   Any and all support appreciated.

Race start in two weeks, getting exciting!

End of Solicitations, promise.

2017 Here we Come!

November 3

Just a quick note that the 2017 Iditarod Season is officially on.   Eighteen bright, shiny canine faces have moved to Idaho for the Winter from Upper Peninsula Michigan, from our kennel partner Nature's Kennel.  The team consists mainly of Iditarod veterans from the past two years, who raced as yearlings/rookies with Trent in 2015 and 2016.   We'll get pics and intros up soon, a bunch of Trent's favorites are back.  

Our training kennel is out in Fairfield, ID and the team is already up to 25 mile runs, looking strong, and eating hardy.   

We have a new handler this year.   Carleen Brehmer joins us and says "I live in Boise and have been around sled dogs since 6th grade. I moved here from Wisconsin to attend college, but also continue with the sled dog scene. I've mainly raced sprint races, but this past February I ran at Eagle Cap Extreme in the 62 mile pot race. Even though I don't have a team of dogs here, I've been trying to stay in the sled dog community. I've helped train a team of dogs, kennel sat for Ben Thompson, and helped do a sled dog talk with Rick Katucki. My Uncle owned a kennel of 22+ dogs and I've helped take care of them. My ultimate dream one day is owning a sled dog touring company and a petting zoo. I hope to fulfill my dream of running the Iditarod"

We are excited to have her, and she will also be posting photos, training kennel and race stories on the blog.

Stay tuned for more soon!

Trent and Tim

Dog team finishers....

Twelve dogs made it to Nome with Trent on Friday.   

Blast was the only veteran, and ran lead much of the race.  The other eleven finishers were all Iditarod rookies making their first finish.  Here they are below; Aurora, Billy, Blast, Fiona, Heart, Jasmine, Leia, Percy, Pudda, Reily, Ruby, and Rush.

Ayn, Hornet, Layla, and Kokomo all had sore shoulders and hopped off the bus on the trail.   All 16 dogs made it over 500 miles all the way to the Yukon River at Ruby.  14 made it over 700 miles to the Bering Sea Coast at Unalakleet.  

Lots of happy looking dogs on the video at the finish.   













Trent and the team finish in Nome!!

March 18

The team pulled under the burled arches and in to Nome at 641A AKT.   Twelve tails wagging, lead by Blast; Trent with some morning frost on the beard and great big smile.   We'll try to get a full roster of finishers shortly.  

The team's time over the 975 miles was 11 days, 15 hours, 41 minutes and they finished the race in 60th place among 71 teams who will finish the race and 85 teams who started.  It's Trent's 8th finish in 8 tries and his 2nd best race time.   

Video from the finish line below.  Looks like diplomas were handed out, sure that was after big hugs and a meat treat.