Trent out of White Mountain and on way to Nome

March 18

Trent and the team checked out of White Mountain after their mandatory 8 hour rest there, at 914P AKT last evening (it's just past 1 AM there now).   All 12 dogs that checked in to White Mountain also checked out there, so it looks like 12 will make it to Nome.  It wiill be fun to see who they are later this morning.  

Trent's about 30 miles from White Mountain on the tracker after 4 hours of travel this evening.  At the 7.5 mph he is moving, and 75 miles of total travel White Mountain to Nome, that would put the journey at 10+ hours and him arriving sometime say 730AM+ AKT Friday morning in Nome.  

Try to watch Trent show up at the burled arches on the Iditarod Live webcam at

I will also try to get a screen scrape of the video they take at the end and post it.  

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Way to go, Trent! My school is cheering you on!
Way to go, Trent! This has been so fun. Thank you Trent and Tim for sharing this incredible journey!!!!
Great job Trent! My students and I cheered for you all the way especially this morning as you headed into Nome. Loved your special diploma's for graduating . Can't wait to hear your stories
Congratulations to you, the pups and all your team on another great race!
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