Trent and the team leave Nenana

March 7 130A AKST

As we guessed, Trent and the team left Nenana just after midnight at 1220A AKST.  All 16 dogs checked in and out.  The team was in 55th place leaving Nenana.  The rest time in Nenana was 5 hrs 28 minutes and the run time to Nenana was 5 hrs 42 minutes.  This sounds very good.  Trent said before the race that he was going to try a 6 hr run, 6 hour rest schedule as long as it worked for the dogs and it appears to have worked just right so far.  

Manley Hot Springs, the next checkpoint, is 90 miles up the trail.  I would expect Trent to run until 630A AKST or so and camp for 6 hours if things are all dialed in for the team.  It will -30F and crystal clear tonight on the river, maybe a perfect night for Northern Lights. 

Below is a picture we just received by email from Penny Gage.  From the Ceremonial Start trail.  Penny is a great sport and supporter of the race.  Thanks for sending this!