Trent and the team in to Nenana in fine form!

March 7 1215AM AKST

Looks like a great start. The team covered the 60 miles from Fairbanks to the first checkpoint at Nenana in 5 hr. 42 minutes, an average speed of 10.53 mph.  They arrived at 652P AKST.  Doesn't matter much at this point but Trent moved up from 67th leaving the starting chute to 51st in to the Nenana checkpoint.  His time from start to the Nenana looked like it was in the top 40 and pretty darn good considering the trail conditions had to be better for the earlier teams.

The team camped for a good meal and some rest.  I would expect Trent to head back out not too long after midnight and certainly expect them to break camp before 200AM AKST.   It was -18F at the start today and shows Nenana temperature as -29F at the moment.  It's going to be a cold trip up the Tanana River for the racers.   I always tease Trent that's an advantage for him.  

Here is a picture our handler Jake Swift (I know, sounds like a Hollywood casting name for a musher) took at the start this morning of Trent, Ayn, and Scott.