Trent and the team check in and out of Manley Hot Springs..

March 7 554P AKST

The team checked in to Manley at 500P AKST after a 16 hr 40 m, 90 mile run from Nenana and a total of 160 miles thus far.   They camped about half way for what looked to be 7 hours and did the last 35 miles this afternoon in the sun and -5F temps.  Trent stayed about 30 minutes and left Manley at 534P.  All 16 dogs checked in but it appears Trent dropped 2 dogs at Manley and checked out with 14 dogs.  Will try to get more detail on that.  Trent left Manley in 42nd place but that is a little ahead of where he is in the field at the moment as many teams are fully rested and will leave Manley shortly and pass at Trent's next rest.  Expect Trent to go 2 more hours or so, camp for the night and likely start early morning to next checkpoint at Tanana, 66 miles from Manley.

Picture below from Zach Hughes on the trail, of Trent back at Nenana with "hoar frost" beard.

Also, a picture below of perennial winner Dallas Seavy's sled for the race this year. Picture taken in Manley.  The sled is supposedly made of carbon fiber and has 2 dog cargo holds that hold 2 dogs each.  Several mushers are trying out a strategy of resting 4 dogs at a time, running 12, and rotating along the trail to enable longer run cycles.  We are still 'privateers' and running old school!