Trent and the team are in to Nikolai

Trent pulled in to the village of Nikolai at 1103PM AKT with all 16 dogs.   Checking in to Nikolai, Trent and the team are in 56th place out of 82 teams still racing.  The team has covered over 250 miles in just over 2 days.   They've crossed a major mountain pass and on in to the interior of Alaska in fine shape.  In another 250 miles they will be on the Yukon River turning west for Nome.  

Nikolai is a remote village of about 100 people, famous among mushers for local hospitality.  Locals boil water for the mushers; the village gym provides a welcome warm, place to catch some rest; and there is always a hot meal to be had.   Trent may have dried out somewhat from Happy Creek since this time last night, but I bet he can't wait to hang up a few things in the gym, grab a bowl of chili, and sleep inside tonight.   

Trent is on his "4 to 10" travel schedule.  I suspect he'll get up early, "out the door" at 4AM and be to McGrath by about 10AM.  McGrath is 300 miles in to the race.  Trent had planned on McGrath being his 24 hour rest before the race.  My guess is he is right on schedule for it and will take his 24 there.   

"Low and slow for the first 300 miles" and "Travel 4 to 10" has been good to Trent thus far.   There is a lot of trail ahead, but I think he would have been happy to be "here, now, with what he has" if asked before the race.