Trent and team out of Unalakleet, on to Shaktoolik

Trent and the team pulled out of Unalakleet at 615P AKT.  They took a 6-1/2 hour rest in Unk and left with 13 dogs, dropping 1 dog there.   Trent and the team left Unk in 61st place out 73 teams left in the race, and 85 that started. 

It's about 40 miles to the spit at Shaktoolik, the last 8 run times in to Shak from Unk have been in the 5-1/2 to 6 hour range, so I'd expect Trent to there there around midnight, get some rest and get an early or daybreak start for a daylight crossing of the open water across the Norton Sound.   

The run from Shaktoolik to Koyuk is one of, if not the most iconic leg in the Iditarod.   Made famous by Leonhard Seppala in the great Serum Run of 1925 to deliver diptheria serum to quell an epidemic in Nome.  It is part of the heritage of the Iditarod and the run, and choice to move quicker over open sea is considered the greatest feat in the history of dog sledding.  

Mushers in front of Trent have generally had reasonable conditions for this challenge,  Here is hoping for good conditions for the 24 hours and the rest of the race for that matter.  As mentioned in last post, the weather is supposed to be partly cloudy with winds "only" at 20 mph making temps feel -20F tomorrow.