Trent and team out of Koyuk and in to Elim

March 17

The team left Koyuk yesterday evening at 615P AKT and just arrived in Elim at 1205A, just past midnight, after a 5 hour 50 minute run.  The team checked in with all 13 dogs.   The team is in 61st place of 73 mushers still in the race.  

Elim is mile 852 of 975 so the team is getting down towards the end of the trail.  After a 6 hour or so rest tonight, they'll head out in the morning for another 46 mile, 6 hour run to White Mountain for a mandatory 8 hour rest.  Let's say they get in at noon, and then head back out tomorrow, Thursday night at 8PM.  It will take 10+ hours to get to final 75 miles to Nome.  If all goes well, they should be in Nome on Friday as early a 6AM, perhaps as late as 8AM AKT, projected no guarantees ;-)  For MT folks that's a civilized 8AM to 10 AM window.  

It looks like an ~11 day 18-20 hour or so finish which would be 2nd fastest for Trent in 8 completions, out of 8 tries. 

There is a live camera feed of the finish line at  .    I think you can see the feed without a Iditarod Insider subscription.   Point your browser and watch Trent come to the finish Friday morning. 

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This has been so fun watching Trent make his way along the Iditarod! He is such a great example for the kids that he teaches! Go Trent!
Thanks, Tim! We've been watching. I've got a subscription, just so we could watch. It's cheaper than a flight to Nome. Thanks so much for all you've done. I was just "chatting" with Joe May this morning, and understand he grew up with Trent's uncle. Small world! Kitty