Trent and team make Norton Sound crossing and in to Koyuk

The team arrived in Koyuk at 12:44P AKT this afternoon after a 6 hour crossing of the Norton Sound.  Always great news to finish that leg.   The team checked in with all 13 dogs.   I would expect they will get 6 hour or so rest and head the 50 miles to the next checkpoint at Elim.  The team is in 61st place of 73 mushers still in the race.  

Koyuk is mile 804 of 975 so the team is getting down towards the end of the trail.  After what is probably a 6 our run to Elim and a 6 hour rest, the team will take another 50 mile, 6 hour run to White Mountain for a mandatory 8 hour rest, then head out the final 75 miles to Nome.  If all goes well, they should be in Nome on Friday.  

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Tim: That sounds GREAT! Thought Trent might enjoy these photos at a later date. They're late 70s. They're stuff that I pulled off the floor at the Nome Nugget as an afterthought. Heck, I had the papers, and figured I'd always be there. I had no idea at the time how precious they'd be down the road. Lots more, but these are the rejects...darn it!
Hi Kitty, would love to see them. Send them to any of the emails you have for us! Tim
good job this year proud to watch you do what you do. the fact that you are a teacher and can pass on your drive and desire to compete. to your students is your legacy.. care on complete the race. best of luck to you and your support staff which I have met.
Following you every day Trent. Great stuff. This must be such an amazing feeling getting, near the end.