Trent and team in to Unalakleet

March 15

Trent and the team hit the Bearing Sea Coast and pulled in to Unalakleet at 1146A AKT this morning.   He checked in with 14 dogs.   It looked like on the tracker he broke the run in to two ~ 40 mile sections and stopped at the musher favorite shelter cabin Warwoman cabin about half way.  He made the 85 mile portage over from Kaltag in 16 hours including about 6 hours of rest time.  

I think Trent will go the 40 miles to Shaktoolik this evening and rest for the evening for the 50 mile over sea crossing of the Norton Sound tomorrow morning.   Weather in Shaktoolik, below, looks "pleasant'; winds at -20 mph with temperatures that feels -20F.  Plenty good weather for a crossing Wednesday if that holds.

4 responses
Keep up the good work, Trent!
Miss the people up there, but sure don't miss the weather. Do well. Stay safe! Kitty
I can't even imagine what its like there. Are you being sarcastic about the weather being "pleasant"?
Hi John, definitely a touch of sarcasm with "pleasant" but that forecast would be two thumbs up to most anyone in the race. That section on the open water can have winds of 40-50 mph and actual temps of -30F and lower. Tim