Trent and team check out of Galena

Saturday March 11, 415P AKST

Sorry for radio silence.  Trent and team pulled in to Galena checkpoint yesterday, Friday morning at about 8AM.  I thought he was going to take some rest and then head up to Huslia for his 24 hour mandatory rest as that was his pre-race preference.  It must have been the right call to give the dogs a full rest as Trent took his 24 mandatory in Galena and let at 807A AKST today.  Galena is at race mile 396.  Trent and team left Galena in 54th place out of 71 mushers who started the race.  Trent checked in to Galena with 14 dogs and checked out with 12 dogs. 

Trent is about halfway on the 80 mile trail up to checkpoint #6 at Huslia.  They stopped for rest a few hours ago and I would expect them to hit Huslia around midnight.  

Trent was mentioned in an interesting article in Alaska Dispatch News on muhsers bringing important things on the trail with them... link below.

Again, trail map below