Race is about to start!

Monday March 6

Expect Trent and the team to head out of the starting chute in Fairbanks a little after noon Alaska time (AKST) today.  The team is mainly veterans of the past two years rookie teams.  Eleven have raced in the Iditarod and ten have made it to Nome.  Reports are that the 3 feet of new snow along the Tanana River have been well broken by snowmobiles in the past day and conditions are good.

Picture below from the Iditarod Insider article at Iditarod.com on the Ceremonial Start.  Trent is the first musher shown in the article.

Next picture was taken by our handler Carlleen Brehmer on the Ceremonial Start trail.   Trent has a fan who has a "I love you. Trent Herbst's Beard" poster each year she brings to the course.  

Make sure to update you Iditarod Insider to watch the GPS tracker for the race.

Safe journey and happy trails to Trent and the Team!