Checkpoint #6: Trent and the team in and out of Huslia

Sunday March 12 245 ADST (changed to daylights savings time last night)

Trent and team pulled in to Huslia checkpoint (mile 478) yesterday this morning at 1206A, just after midnight.  They rested in Huslia for 7 hours and hit the trail again at 0800AM (accounting for hour lost with daylight savings time).  The team checked in to Huslia with 12 dogs, checked out with 12 dogs.  They left in 50th place among the 71 teams who started the race.  

They are about 40 miles along the trail to Koyukuk and resting.   Suspect they will rest 5-6 hours, then move the final 46 miles to the checkpoint at mile 564 by early hours AM.  

The race is getting really interesting at the head of the pack with Wade Mars, Dallas Seavy, Nic Petit, Mitch Seavy and Joar Ulsom all in a big bunch running to be the first to Unalakleet (mile 718) and the Bering Sea Cost.   

Race map below for reference.