Checkpoint #4: Trent and the team check in to Ruby

Thursday March 9 424P AKST

The team just came off the Yukon River to the checkpoint at Ruby at mile 346 on the trail.  It was a long 119 miles and 23 hrs 14 minutes from Tanana.  The team checked in to Ruby in 54th place.  Most mushers on the Iditarod website who already made that trip were saying that trail was "sugary" soft and the going was slow.  The The weather has been +10F and cloudy this afternoon for the trip.   

An analytics view of Trent's run and rest to date are shown below, comes off GPS tracker.  It looks like Trent ran 8, then rested 7, then ran 8 hours on his 24 hours over from Tanana.  Those are strong, long run times for this team and I'd expect them to need a good rest in Ruby.  

Trent and students made a pair of snowshoes he has been carrying as a gift to two Athabaskan native snowshoe craftsman.  One lives in Ruby, the other lives in the next checkpoint in the village of Huslia.  Last week Trent said he wanted to take his mandatory 24 hour rest in Huslia, but that he might take it Ruby.   He'd wait to see how the dogs were doing.   I'm pretty sure he wants to take it in Huslia.  

Picture of Trent leaving Tanana, for Ruby, yesterday afternoon about this time.  

Dan Martin emailed this picture from the Fairbanks Start today.   

Picture of the route (again it says 2015, but same route)