A few folks asked about who on team last year is in Iditarod this year

The puppy team from last year went back to Ed and Tasha's Nature's Kennel in UPI Michigan after last years Iditarod.  A few of them have gone on to a big year this year.

The finishers from last year were Ayn, Krister, Blast, Mukluk, Thomas, Pig Pen, James, Scott, Thomas and Henry.   Ayn and Blast are on Trent's team again this year.  

This year Laura Neese, who works at Nature's Kennel, ran the Yukon Quest.  Mukluk, Thomas, Henry, Woodstock, and PigPen started the Quest with Laura. Mukluk, Thomas, and Woodstock finished and Henry made it to the last checkpoint. 

This year at the Iditarod Ed Stielstra is currently running in 35th place, and on is team are Gordon, Mukluk, Thomas, and Woodstock.  All of them are still on the team except for Gordon, who he dropped at Finger Lake. 

Thomas, Woodstock, and Mukluk have had an impressive season.  They were all on Trent's finishing team last year, finished the Yukon Quest this year, and look like they are going to finish the Iditarod again this year!   

Here they are from rookie pix last year in that order; Thomas, Woodstock, and Mukluk.... good boys!