2017 Here we Come!

November 3

Just a quick note that the 2017 Iditarod Season is officially on.   Eighteen bright, shiny canine faces have moved to Idaho for the Winter from Upper Peninsula Michigan, from our kennel partner Nature's Kennel.  The team consists mainly of Iditarod veterans from the past two years, who raced as yearlings/rookies with Trent in 2015 and 2016.   We'll get pics and intros up soon, a bunch of Trent's favorites are back.  

Our training kennel is out in Fairfield, ID and the team is already up to 25 mile runs, looking strong, and eating hardy.   

We have a new handler this year.   Carleen Brehmer joins us and says "I live in Boise and have been around sled dogs since 6th grade. I moved here from Wisconsin to attend college, but also continue with the sled dog scene. I've mainly raced sprint races, but this past February I ran at Eagle Cap Extreme in the 62 mile pot race. Even though I don't have a team of dogs here, I've been trying to stay in the sled dog community. I've helped train a team of dogs, kennel sat for Ben Thompson, and helped do a sled dog talk with Rick Katucki. My Uncle owned a kennel of 22+ dogs and I've helped take care of them. My ultimate dream one day is owning a sled dog touring company and a petting zoo. I hope to fulfill my dream of running the Iditarod"

We are excited to have her, and she will also be posting photos, training kennel and race stories on the blog.

Stay tuned for more soon!

Trent and Tim